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Outsource Magazine Cover & Layout Design Services

Bording Vista Ltd., a pioneer in DTP services, offers creative magazine layout design and magazine cover to the clients around the world. Our highly skilled and experienced in-house graphic designers are expert in designing distinct and eye-catching layouts, and presenting your magazine in a visual appealing manner to the readers. Whether your magazines, catalogs, newsletters or brochures are in need of services like concept design, layout, cover design or content design; we are committed to make your publications look really good.

Bording Vista Magazine & Catalog Production, 2014

When you need to outsource your layout and cover designing jobs, you definitely want a company that understands how proper layouts, images or contents of a magazine affect readers. Because, visual publications such as magazines, catalogs, newsletters or brochures does not just rely on text articles, but on images, layout cues and other aspects that guide readers. Bording Vista is an outsourcing company who has been providing comprehensive magazine layout design services covering both offline and online types of publications.

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Why Hire Bording Vista for Magazine Layout Design Services

When you are looking for a dedicated partner of magazine layout design services, it would be ideal to outsource with Bording Vista who has well experienced DPT team and strive to maintain top quality at every step of the process. Our firm technological grip, efficient work process and effective clients’ collaboration aspects give us a competitive edge over others in the market. For a successful layout design project we make sure to offer –

Customized Solution

We make our best efforts to know about your audience with their taste. The colors, photographs, typography – everything are carefully chosen to provide you most unique and customized solution based on your readers’ behavior, preferences, profiles etc. so that you may gain successful results.

Stunning Cover Design

Creating a great design and layout to make your magazine cover stands out is so vital that it influences customers to choose and buy eventually. So, creating an appealing and exiting cover could lead to high sales of your magazine. That is why we greatly emphasize during planning, to make a stunning cover design which could give your magazine the very first impression it needs.

Strike a Balance

We manage to strike a perfect balance among typography, visual appeal and aesthetics in designing an ideal magazine in order to provide the most successful outcome. All our designed magazines give both visual and great reading experience to its readers.

Detail Analysis

With the expertise and skills, our designers give great attention to every detail in completing a perfectly designed magazine, so it has a professional appearance.  

Ready for Press Files

All graphic work is produced in Bangladesh and delivered as complete, ready-for-press files. We can also produce individual parts of your production on request. We can, for example, produce the layouts for your editorial content including a regular proofreading process.

For the records, every month our magazine and catalog group produces the artwork for more than 30 different magazines on behalf of Danish, Norwegian and Swedish publishing houses. Furthermore, we produce an average of 10 folders a week for the Danish retail industry and lay out newsletters in more than 15 different languages. We also produce many brochures each year for Bording Vista. In other words, you can rest assured that your graphics are in safe hands with us.

Benefits of Magazine Cover & Magazine Layout Design Services with Bording Vista

  • We provide great value to your money. You can cut your costs substantially by our outsourcing services of magazine layout design, and get access to professional designs within a quick turnaround time.
  • Our highly skilled and well experienced in-house professionals committed to deliver within limited time frame.
  • We got huge capacity for large amounts of file and image processing and we use effective file sharing system.
  • We provide transparent consultancy and maintain confidentiality for the worked materials.
  • We got superior project management skills and we are guided by European management body.
  • We maintain stringent quality control measures to maintain high quality and to ensure minimal errors.

If you are looking for a trusted outsourcing partner who can deliver you magazine cover & magazine layout design services most efficiently and cost effectively without compromising the quality, please Contact Bording Vista today.