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A reliable graphic design studio in Bangladesh

Bording Vista Ltd. has been offering the most creative digital image processing services since its establishment in Bangladesh in 2007. As a renowned offshore graphic design studio, we have been providing a broad range of digital graphic solutions to the clients around the world. DPT or Desktop publishing,refers to the technical formation of documents employingpage layoutskills and expertise on apersonal computer.Our various DTP methods allow us to provide more control over artwork, align and typography than traditional word processing.

Bording Vista DTP team, 2014

Whether to design POS material, annual reports, magazines, catalogs, websites, posters, newspapers, ads or to create layouts and process images, including cut-outs, layer masks, retouching and color correction; our highly skilled and experienced in-house professionals can help you with quality services you are looking for.

As a prime offshore graphic design studio, Bording Vista offers –

  1. Cut-out and imaging We are expert in creating premium quality cut-outs, layer masking and retouching using optimized Adobe Photoshop methods.
  2. Magazine & Catalog We provide creative solutions in producing magazine & catalog and deliver as complete as ready-for-press format.
  3. Ads & Newspapers We meet all the technical specifications efficiently to create and deliver top quality advertising materials as per requirements.
  4. Posters, Flyers & Graphic Decoration We offer varieties of top quality artworks, ranging from posters, flyers, too stickers & window decorations.
  5. Website Production We offer quality graphic works applying modern technologies to give your web products world class appearances.

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Benefits of digital image processing services with Bording Vista Ltd.

  • We provide great value to your money by delivering cost effective solutions and help reducing your administrative expenses. We help you taking the full advantages of the offshore socio-economic conditions but still maintaining international standard at large.
  • We work as your outsourcing partner and do the contractual jobs, which actually relief you from managing any team so that you can concentrate more on your core business functions.
  • We understand that your need is unique and hence offer customized solution, as we do not believe in ‘One-Size-Fit-All’ policy.
  • Our in-house experts are guided by European management, resulting higher rate of successful projects and satisfied clients.
  • Our transparent consultancy services throughout the whole project.

Track records as an offshore graphic design studio

Bording Vista Ltd. takes the pride to have impressive track records in providing many successful digital image processing projects to a huge number of clients across the globe. Our dedicated and experienced in-house experts make every effort to understand your demands thoroughly and satisfy you greatly by delivering the services as per your requirements. Please visit our reference page to get to know more about our proven records.

Bording Vista Ltd., a prime offshore graphic design studio, where technology and expertise coincide and deliver the top quality graphics at affordable prices.

Who are our clients?

Bording Vista Ltd. caters to the clipping path services needs and requirements of both individuals and organizations.

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We help you in improving your service quality, productivity and performance at cost effective prices.