Company Profile

Bording Vista was founded by the F.E. Bording Group and TechnoVista in 2007. Today Bording Vista is a leading supplier of software and DTP solutions to enterprises across Scandinavia.

We aim to supply highly professional services, where cost and quality go hand in hand. Our software and DTP team is comprised of well-qualified and motivated employees working under the management of Danish project managers to meet Scandinavian clients' needs and requirements.

Bording Vista Ltd, 2014

At BORDING VISTA we seek to give our clients a broad range of choices. We offer strong, professional competences at low cost. We can do this because costs in Bangladesh are far lower than in Denmark.

BORDING VISTA is part of the Danish F.E. Bording group, which was founded in 1872. Despite its long history, the Bording group is a modern and vital enterprise.

BORDING VISTA has strong focus on CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). We take an interest in our employees and their families. We focus on developing and retaining our staff. Our HR model is closely aligned with the Danish regulations for salaried employees. We are a signatory of the UN Global Compact initiative. Learn more about the UN Global Compact initiative here..