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Bording Vista Ltd., a famous outsourcing company, has been providing specialized cut outs & imaging or clipping path services for over seven years. As one of the leading image editing service providers, our solutions ranging from clipping path, clipping masks & cut out image, to image manipulation, image resizing, photo retouching, color correction & shadow creation. Our talented in-house graphic designers creates premium quality outcomes using optimized Adobe Photoshop methods.

Bording Vista Graphic Designers, 2014

We can add shading and/or perspective (depth of field and blurring), no matter if the image is an intricate item of jewelry, a pair of spectacles, and a long-haired woman in a fur coat or a pirate ship. We are well experienced in photo editing for the clothing industry, for example, setting neck and sleeves on items of clothing and reproducing clothing for in-store decoration. Our team produces artwork, corrections and coloring, using Illustrator, for example, on logos, products, technical drawings and instruction manuals.

Our expert team is completely dedicated to make the service seamless.

  1. quality is our first priority
  2. three layers of review to ensure the quality
  3. time is money and we value your money
  4. best possible security of your images

Our team of clipping path experts usually works with high volumes of images on a regular basis, perfecting each tool’s use and all techniques applied. Impress your target audience or market with high quality images.

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Cutouts and Masking FAQ

After completing a batch of tasks or a project, we send invoice with details. We accept payment through ………………………… We also accept bank transfer to our Bangladesh bank account.
You may either visit our contact page and fill up the form or mail us.
Det afhænger faktisk af dine specifikke krav og størrelsen af projektet. Kontakt os venligst for flere oplysninger.
No. You can order any amount of image you require. We always respect the value of your business and appreciate your need, no matter how big or small that can be. We do our best to deliver as efficient and flexible services as possible.
You can send any kind of file format like JPG, TIFF, PSD or EPS. However, we recommend for JPG files because it has got less file size than other formats while the quality almost similar. But it is up to you which format you would choose.
Clipping path, a primary and most efficient process about graphic design, is a modern technique of creating an outline applying various image editing soft-wares like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw etc. in order to edit or remove the backgrounds of the images or photos. In terms of quality clipping path is known to be the best ever method.

What is clipping path – Cut out image & clipping masks?

Clipping path, a primary and most efficient process about graphic design, is a modern technique of creating an outline applying various image editing soft-wares like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Corel Draw etc. in order to edit or remove the backgrounds of the images or photos. Clipping masks, often mistaken with clipping path, allows hiding some parts of an image which enables some parts of image to pop out. It helps to change the appearance of an image significantly. Often, smart designers apply both the techniques simultaneously to create ideal and better quality images which help to highlight the important features in order to attract more viewers.

Clipping path services - A modern demand

It is quite evident that images or photos have significant values over modern day businesses. ‘Images says more than a thousand words, if you can make them to talk’ - for all sizes of businesses from the small one to the giant industry, it is essential to have quality images of your products in order to create the very first impression and attract ordinary viewers which eventually lead them to convert into paying customers. So, whether you promote your business or run a campaign or just make an appearance through magazine & catalog, newspaper ads, posters & flyers or websites, you need to do proper editing of the images which can reflect more natural and attractive outcomes and do the ‘talking’ on behalf of your businesses.

Clipping masks and clipping path services allows you to enhance image quality by focusing targeted areas, and reflect comprehensive view of specific image. The techniques can also convert an unattractive low-resolution image into an attractive high-resolution one, which actually helps to get instant attentions to the viewers. Today, clipping masks and clipping path services are commonly used by many individuals and companies who are involved with digital photography businesses like professional photographers & photographic studios, web development & graphic design companies, advertising & fashion agencies, magazine & catalog companies, pre press publishing organizations and many others.

Benefits of outsourcing clipping path services at Bording Vista Ltd.

  • We offer clipping path & masks services at unbeatable price which give you great value to your money.
  • We ensure the best quality work as every image is clipped out by the expert hand where we use pen tool in Photoshop. We do not use any automated software.
  • We got huge capacity for large amounts of image processing and we use effective file sharing system.
  • All our talented graphic designers are guided by European management, which results in a higher quality and satisfied clients.

Who are our clients?

Bording Vista Ltd. caters to the clipping path services needs and requirements of both individuals and organizations. Specifically, Bording Vista Ltd. provides services for:

  1. Photo studios
  2. Private photographers
  3. Directory firms
  4. Advertising firms
  5. Graphic design firms
  6. Graphic artists
  7. Web development firms
  8. Printing presses
  9. Magazine publications